Then again, there are plenty of nootropics that are not only effective but also safe. The question is, which ones are the best? Casual users often frame their benefit in terms of how they affect their external environment. Hardcore users, on the other hand, frame their benefit in terms of how they affect the internal workings of the brain. For example, a hardcore user may want to boost GABA levels or lower cortisol levels. The difference between the two types of users is that the former are likely to be more effective, while the latter are more concerned with the neurochemical effects of the drug.

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There are two main types of nootropics users. The first type is casual. They are looking for a quick fix and don’t care about long-term effects. The latter prefer nootropics with long-term benefits. They experiment with nootropics that take weeks to work and are concerned with longevity. The second type of user wants to see results as soon as possible. In such cases, it is better to try out a few different nootropics to see which one works best for them.

The other type is hardcore. In this case, the user wants a short-term effect. The casual nootropics user wants an immediate jolt of energy. The hardcore nootropic user is more interested in long-term benefits and has more patience to wait for their nootropics to take effect. They are more concerned about sustainability and how long it will last. They are usually very skeptical about nootropics, but they can help boost your performance and reduce stress.

While there are nootropics that can increase cognitive function, most people don’t use them as such. They are mostly a supplement and aren’t concerned about its side effects. Instead, they use them as a tool to enhance their daily routine. Aside from these, they can improve your overall health and make you more productive. The best nootropics are the ones that are safe, legal and have a long-term effect.

Aside from modafinil, hydrafinil is another nootropic that can increase your memory. This is the same with nootropics aimed at increasing brain power. However, hardcore users tend to prefer novel and lesser known nootropics. They prefer nootropics that are closely related to well-studied nootropics. For example, u/Sirsadalot spent several years developing a nootropic stack that helps him boost his productivity.

The best nootropics for memory are also the ones that can improve your focus. In this case, you should consider rhodiola rosea. This supplement can boost your mood and reduce your stress. It has a long-term effect on the mind, and it is an excellent option for those who want to increase their attention. It is also a great way to improve your concentration. In addition, rhodiola rosea can enhance your overall focus.