There is no definitive evidence linking Adderall abuse to college students’ grades, but it’s common knowledge that it improves concentration and attention in students. In fact, it is used as a study aid in college campuses, and is particularly popular among 18-to-25-year-olds. However, despite its popularity, there are also several other causes why Adderall use in college students is becoming increasingly prevalent.

adderall use in college students

One of the first reasons why Adderall use has become a problem among college students is that it’s very easy to get it. While it may be common, it’s not as widespread as some think. A 2015 Prescription Drug Study found that more than two-thirds of students abuse prescription stimulants for non-medical purposes. Furthermore, students who misuse stimulants are more likely to have low GPAs. Given these statistics, it’s vital that students are educated about the risks and dangers of using Adderall.

Another factor contributing to Adderall use among college students is peer pressure. Most college students’ parents have strict expectations, and they want to be on top of the class. This can lead to intense pressure on students to perform well in class and meet parental expectations. The consequences of this type of peer pressure can be life-threatening. Therefore, it’s essential to discuss these risks with your child to ensure that he or she is not exposed to the dangers of Adderall.

A recent study revealed that two-thirds of young adults with ADHD obtain illegally from roommates and friends. This rise coincided with the rise in Adderall use among college students. While legally available through prescription, Adderall use can lead to serious health issues if abused. In fact, Adderall has been prescribed to treat attention disorders and can help a person stay awake. If a person has a prescription, it is generally considered safe.

Besides being harmful, Adderall is also a risk factor for alcohol poisoning in college students. It inhibits the depressant effects of alcohol and allows the drinker to continue drinking longer. This is especially dangerous in party environments, as it increases the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Moreover, it reduces a person’s sense of smell, which can lead to a fatal combination.

The problem of Adderall use in college students is a growing problem. Some students find it difficult to focus or perform well in class. They may also use Adderall illegally to get an edge over their peers. Despite the risk of addiction, it’s often possible to treat ADHD with medication. The best way to get rid of the risk of legal and illegal drug abuse is to stop adding it to your diet.