Mind Lab Pro MCT contains quality ingredients with human clinical trials backing them. It delivers a guaranteed supply of the mushroom active compounds, erinacines and hericenones. It is botanical in origin and is bioavailable, unlike many other synthetic forms of pterostilbene. The company guarantees a 90 day money back guarantee. You can buy it only from their website. The ingredients are backed by a science-based scientific review.

The formula is made up of many ingredients that enhance cognitive function. For example, citicoline is a memory enhancing ingredient that enhances mental clarity, focus, and attention. Bacopa monnieri is a compound that improves the function of brain cells and cognitive processing under stress. Mind Lab Pro is safe for all ages, and it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. The company says that people with a history of ADD/ADHD or depression are good candidates for it.

Other ingredients in Mind Lab Pro include Sharp PS. This is derived from sunflower lecithin, which is organic, non-GMO, and safe for the environment. According to clinical research, just 100 mg of Sharp PS can improve the fluidity of brain cell membranes, promote glucose metabolism, and repair damaged brain cells. In MindLab Pro, it supplies 150 mg of this compound per serving. This product is standardized up to 24% bacosides, which means it provides the brain with 9 bioactive compounds.

The product contains Suntheanine, a form of L-theanine. Suntheanine boosts alpha brainwaves without jittery side effects, while repairing damaged brain cells. It also helps regulate neurotransmitters and lower anxiety levels in response to stress. Therefore, it is safe to use Mind Lab Pro when it comes to the health of your brain. If you are interested in buying Mindlab Pro, consider ordering it right away!

As you can see, the Mind Lab Pro MCT oil is safe and effective. It is made from non-GMO coconuts, so it is a safe and legal product. It increases the amount of information transferred to the brain. This increases the energy of brain cells. Using the product daily improves mental functions and reduces the risk of age-related diseases. This supplement is an excellent choice for individuals who want to enhance the cognitive abilities of their brains.

Mind Lab Pro MCT oil is made from coconuts. The ingredients used in the product are non-GMO and organic. This makes it an eco-friendly choice. Moreover, the company offers three ways to get discount codes. These discounts are available on the website. The most convenient way to get the discount code is to visit MindLabPro.com. The site provides the information you need, and it ships worldwide.