The two most common forms of Adderall are Adderall XR and Adderall IR. Both are instant-release medications. However, one major difference between the two is their duration of effect. While both drugs are effective for ADHD, the IR is more likely to last for several hours before its effects wear off. The XR has a longer trough time in the body. The extended-release formulation is more difficult to stop, and the dose increments are larger.

adderall xr vs ir

Adderall XR is the longer-acting formulation. Its gradual onset results in a smooth and gradual onset of effects. This gradual release allows abusers to get the “buzz” they desire. Moreover, it is easier to crush and sniff Adderall IR than the XR. The extended-release form, in contrast, produces less of a buzz.

The XR is more expensive than the IR, but IR has less of an immediate-release effect. It requires two pills for the same effect as Adderall XR. Both pills are expensive at over $300 per pill. Some patients may combine the two to achieve the desired results. These differences are important to understand if adding a supplementary medication is necessary. When you use a prescription drug, it is always best to check the safety and effectiveness before you decide which one to take.

A final difference between Adderall XR and IR is the duration of the drug’s effect. With XR, the effects last longer than with IR. The longer-acting XR is regarded as the superior version. Focalin XR is less expensive, but has fewer dosage options. So, if you want to know which is better for your symptoms, start by reading the reviews of both drugs.

XR is cheaper, but it does not provide as long a lasting effect. The IR will provide 12 hours of relief. But in narcolepsy patients, the XR may be too short. They will need to take two pills for the same duration. While IR will provide more relief for a longer period, XR is more expensive.

XR is more expensive, but it provides longer-lasting relief. But despite its higher price, it is more likely to cause a crash after taking it for long. While IR is a more expensive version, it will still provide you with the same results. Besides, IR is also less addictive than XR, and is more likely to have fewer side effects than XR.

Adderall XR is designed to last for 12 hours. It is taken once, while the IR has to be taken twice. The IR is a more expensive drug. A 30-day supply of the XR is more than enough to treat ADHD. The XR, on the other hand, will only last for six hours. The longer it is taken, the more it will affect the brain.