adderall shortage

Adderall Shortage Affects Students With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The shortage of Adderall, which is a prescription stimulant, is one of the most troubling things to happen to a student with ADHD in recent years. Manufacturers have been unable to meet demand and have blamed the lack of supplies on an increase in the number of people diagnosed with the disorder. However, the DEA is still not approving enough materials to meet the demands of the public. So, the problem is affecting students’ ability to get the medication they need.

The drug is not the only reason for the adderall shortage. Thousands of people are using the drug as a way to stay awake during tests and complete assignments. The FDA added Adderall to its shortage list in September, which has increased illegal sales and the lure to use illicit meth. Whether the lack of supply is a factor or not, the medication will eventually become available again. For now, however, it is important to make sure that you get a refill before the drug shortage becomes a full-blown issue.

A man in New Jersey, who had been paying $9 a month for years, found that the shortage has not affected his ability to obtain the drug. He paid a $99 toll to get the pills that he needed. A woman in Massachusetts called 25 pharmacies before finding one that had a supply of the medication. She was unable to get the pills until she paid $408. A citizen in eastern Massachusetts posted a spreadsheet listing drug stores and their availability.

The Adderall shortage began in March 2011. In mid-August, the drugs were no longer available at many suburban pharmacies. Although the papers attributed the shortage to back-to-school season, the situation has been getting worse and more people are reporting being turned away from doctors and hospitals. In fact, the lack of Adderall has led to a nationwide drug shortage. This is a huge setback for those who have a child with ADD.

The Adderall shortage first began in March 2011 and is still ongoing today. This drug is prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is a prescription stimulant. It is a controlled substance and is addictive, so the Drug Enforcement Administration closely regulates its distribution, preventing stockpiles. During this shortage, the product is no longer available in many places in the country, despite its popularity. In the meantime, the supply of the medication has increased dramatically.

In August 2011, the drug was once again out of stock, and the shortage had spread across the country. There were multi-state manhunts for people with the disorder, and some reports reported exorbitant drug ransoms. In mid-August, the drugs were stopped in suburban pharmacies. Some papers attributed the shortage to back-to-school season, but it is still an issue. The government must act fast to prevent a drug from being abused and to prevent it from being sold online.